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Massive gap in writing here
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I can hardly believe it's been such a long long time since I posted here. Years in fact.
Sorry for my drop off the planet!!!

I've been so many places and done so much stuff since I last posted that I hardly know where to start.
I completed my PhD and graduated in November 2013. I put my Japanese studies on hold in 2012 and have been very lax in starting again, but I will do so at Easter.
Currently I am living in Ankara, Turkey, and working as a researcher in archaeology. In May 2014 I was awarded a very prestigious fellowship at the British Institute (my 'home from home' in a way, since 2012), and so I moved here to take up that post in September 2014. It's such a  fun place to work, and while I will be here for only a year, it's great. All my old friends still around, and making more all the time.
I also work in Bulgaria on a project. Next August (2016) I will finally be going to Japan to take part in the World Archaeological Congress in Kyoto. I will be there for a month afterwards :-) I have a couple of Korean and Japanese friends here amongst all the lovely people I've met and made friends with, and we meet to eat and chat sometimes.

I hope all my F list is well, and now that I'm back on Livejournal that it will be fun to catch up on all my J-rock stuff that I missed while I was concentrating on finishing my thesis and getting my career started!



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