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Life in the sun!
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Hello All,
sorry it's been a while, life keeps catching up with me.
I passed my Viva! I'm now Dr Liathchan (hehe). I do have a few corrections, but nothing major, and it'll all be handed in finally in another couple of months. Would be sooner but I'm off doing my first bit of preparation for post-doctoral research.
Currently, and for the next 3 months, I am in Ankara, Turkey, working at the British Institute, researching Anatolian Hittite and Phrygian pottery.
It's hot and sunny here, a balmy 24 degrees cent. this morning (and it's not quite 10am yet).
Not much to report (outside of my research work) except that food here is awesome and cheap, so I'm eating like royalty for about £20 per week including daily lunches ordered into the office from nearby restaurants.
I'll tell you all about the bazaars and markets another time, though.

First I'm goint to tell you about MULBERRIES! Here it's mulberry season just now, so I made pie:

it was delicious, I assure you!

The BIAA shared apartment, where everyone who is researching here stays, is very comfy and clean and we have
a lively housekeeper who takes care of us, and that means no housework! It's great to be able to focus on work without
so much daily housekeeping hassel.
The two research fellows sharing the apartment with me are the same as folks I shared with last autumn, plus one new girl who is lovely, so it's basically the same as last year - we all get along super-well, and it's a lot of fun. Last night we had a fish barbeque, and watched the Eurovision Song Contest Live streaming on the internet (Turkey had a stroppy argument with the Eurovision rules committee this year, didn't enter and also refused to broadcast on TV!) while eating halva and ice-cream and laughing like mad at all the crazy songs.

I'm learning Turkish at the moment, just started, and it's really interesting but because my memory is a little bit rubbish it does take me some time to learn vocabulary.

I hope all my lovely F list are well, and I hope that now I nominally have some free time again, I can post more regularly.

Love to all,

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Yay! you did it. Congratulations, Doctor :D
The mulberry pie looks delicious. I haven't had mulberry pie since I was a kid. We have mulberry trees in the back yard, but here they're considered "trash trees", and the birds get all the fruit.
Good to hear from you again. Isn't it wonderful to have a job that you absolutely love?

Thank you for the congrats!
It's certainly great to get to travel sometimes for my research, and learn lots of fun things, try new food, new languages and meet new people. I highly recommend it!

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