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Hello all..and an update.
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Hi Everyone,
Well, Tomorrow I will post about last month's Swedish adventure, but today I want to update you on my springtime.
It's snowing. On the last day of March, for goodness sake. No snow is lying on the ground, but flurries drift occasionally past my window.
It makes me long for heat and sunshine.
So I've been planning my late spring and summer adventures.
I'm off to Turkey again in May, this time for about 10 weeks. It's all arranged with the BIAA, and I have a research plan and everything! Accommodation in the BIAA apartment has been booked for me, my friends there have been in touch and we are all so pleased that the happy and GASTRONOMICALLY AWESOME apartment life we had last autumn will be resuming! ( more on that later)

In advance of confirming my Ankara plans, last Monday I got my PhD viva date..........GAHHHHHH...scary!
It will be on May 3rd - exactly one week before I go to Ankara. Needless to say the timing is pretty tight, but somehow I will make it work.

This trip may also turn into a jaunt to Kaş (gorgeous seaside town in S.Turkey, pronounced 'Kash') to visit a friend who wants me to come see her new house, which will be finished in June. And there's a possible trip to Georgia (the Eastern European country not the American state) in the offing to do a little work along with another friend on her archaeological site, but these side-trips depend on whether or not I can do all my necessary work in the 10 weeks in Ankara and if I have enough money left to meander about for another couple of weeks before my visa runs out!
I also have an archaeological conference to attend in Muğla (a Turkish city on the Agean coast, pronounced 'Muu-la') at the end of May, so we'll see what comes of that...might lead to some work of the paid kind, or even a post-doc offer for next year.


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