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Bulgarian summer
pic#86398693 fan
Last September I spent 2 weeks in Bulgaria, in a tiny rural seaside village. It's about as un-touristy a village as you can get, because it is hidden away in a virtually inaccessible cove on the Black Sea coast, miles from anywhere. It started as a clandestine commune of artists, writers and thinkers during the communist era, a place of safety where 'subversive' people could work in peace (including N's father). Nowadays it is mainly second homes for some of those same artists, and now also for teachers, doctors and so on. Only 3 families live there all year round, and the rest of the time people travel in on weekends and holidays to their small, beautiful holiday homes and enjoy the peace and quiet. Its a welcoming and vibrant place, with friendly village dogs, wild horses and cyotes in the hills and plenty of birds and butterflies everywhere...and the occasional giant centipede (creepy and venomous - avoide at all costs!) and a few large black tarantula spiders which are harmless and permanently sleepy in the heat of summer, but give you quite a scare when they accidentally wander drunkenly inside.

I was there to learn how to restore ancient Greek pottery for museum display, and the workshop was held in the quite palatial holiday villa belonging to the family of the director of the B. H. F. (see earlier post), who for the sake of privacy I will call 'N'.
N's house is totally awesome:

and he's currently making some path improvements hence the heap of bricks.
There are fig trees, almond trees and walnut trees all around the property, so breakfast was suplimented with delicious fruits and nuts from the garden.
The horses arrived usually mid-morning, came down the hill and wandered past the house:DSCF1575

The village dogs B and E don't have owners exactly, but everyone loves them, feeds them, leaves bowls of water for them and makes sure they have safe, warm beds and are healthy. They are sweet, affectionate and great fun in return:
This is them arriving for breakfast....mmm...doggy-sized slices of turkey sausage and toast with cherry jam (note the tails wagging). B, the black terrier, became my constant companion, waiting for me in the morning at the hotel door and walking me down to N's house...such a little gentleman!

So that's the scene set. Next entry I'll show you what we were doing.

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It looks and sounds so peaceful. Love the dogs :)

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