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Hello everyone and a belated Happy New Year!
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I'm sorry my dear F-list that I dropped off the scene for a fairly long time, but the last half of 2012 was manic.
I went to Bulgaria for 2 weeks,then road-tripped by bus stratight on first to Istanbul and then to Ankara, and spent a month in Turkey working at the  British Institute at Ankara.

On returning to Edinburgh mid-October, I pulled out all the stops on PhD and handed in my PhD thesis on the 18th December. I'm now waiting for my thesis defense exam, which I'm hoping will be late March or Early April.

I went immediatey into exhaustion-induced hibernation, from which I've only just emerged. I decided to kick off my 'post thesis life'  with a weekend in London to visit friends, see galleries and eat amazing food. So I got back from that late on Monday night, and this week has been housework, dinner parties and some freelance work, as well as back into the bookshop.

For all of the above trips I intend to regale you in full, complete with lush and plentiful photographs over the coming couple of weeks.

Ta for now!

The view at dawn (6am -ish) from my hotel room in Emona, Bulgaria, Sept 2012. That's the Black Sea over there, the only clouds of the day appeared and disappeared with the sunrise.

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Welcome back. & congrats! :) No wonder you're exhausted. That view is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures....

Lovely pic...and a very happy (and hugely belated) new year to you too!

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